Showa University Hospital to be the First Japanese University Hospital to Open an Out-patient Clinic for the Deaf

from 1 February 2007 Issue of Japanese Deaf News, JFD’s monthly newspaper:

Showa University Hospital (Shinagawa, Tokyo) will start the “Out-patient clinic for the Deaf” from March 3, 2007. This initiative is the first of its kind in Japan to be undertaken by a university hospital.

The concept of this clinic is to offer “out-patient clinic services with special consideration for persons with hearing disabilities”. It starts with any disorder within the department of internal medicine. At the moment, the clinic opens every Saturday mornings of odd weeks with appointments. Patients can choose means of information access such as sign language interpretation and written communication at the time of making appointments.

Varied assistive devices, which were developed by Dr. Eikoh Takahashi, Assistant Professor of Department of Public Health, Showa University, will be available at the clinic. Dr. Takahashi is the writer of the “Let’s Go to Hospital” column and the respondent of the Q&A Section of the Japanese Deaf News.

Moreover, Ms Atuko Kurakata, President of the Tokyo Federation of the Deaf, and the first Deaf pharmacist in Japan, Ms Kumi Hayase are included on the external advisory board.

Details are available on the web site of the Showa University Hospital at:

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