Delegates from the 3 disaster-stricken Prefectures reported at the plenary meeting of the General Assembly

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Delegates from the 3 disaster-stricken Prefectures reported about each state of the disaster at the plenary meeting of the 62th General Assembly of Japanese Federation of the Deaf, that had been held on June 10 at Saga city, Saga Prefecture in Japan.

Each delegate thanked for encouragements and supports from all over the country, and told strongly that they would fight their way to rebuild these area.

The substances and photos are as follows;


  • The confirmation whether the victims were safe or not has been finished.
  • The evacuated area is extended because of the accident of the nuclear plant.
  • One or two of Deaf evacuated to a shelter with fear of radiation effects.
  • Some evacuated to Okinawa.
  • The evacuated area is extended by 15km from our office. We would have to evacuate.


  • Just after the disaster, the electricity was cut off and it was hard to obtain gasoline. Three days after, at last we could go around the area.
  • The situation was like as one of the days after the Second World War.
  • We had no information about the tsunami. Another tsunami that had occurred by Chile Earthquake was not serious, so we were careless of the tsunami.
  • We reconsider about our stance. We must pay attention to tsunami if an earthquake is happened.
  • Sign interpreting services are needed for each city, town, and village. The understanding about the Deaf is not enough.


  • Our Deaf Association’s office is far from the sea, so there was no damage by the tsunami but some damage by the earthquake.
  • There is a serious damage in Sanriku area. The tsunami swallowed up buildings 30-40m in height, 4th floors.
  • When we went around to each victims’ house, we could not go there directly and took a roundabout way by car.
  • Three months have passed tomorrow. On March, it was hard to remove the snow.
  • On April, we found a few cherry blossoms at the disaster area and encouraged by these flowers.

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