Regarding Communication with the Affected Area

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JFD would like to request following things regarding to communication with the affected area.

JFD has been receiving inquiries to confirm the safety of individuals in the damaged area. JFD will upload information only when that is confirmed by the Deaf associations in the area. Please refrain from making individual inquiries to those associations.

JFD has been also receiving inquires on relief teams. Please note that the most important activity now is life-saving and the situation does not allow us to go to the affected area immediately. Please do not go to the affected area by yourself. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare advises us not to go there because people there are not ready to accept volunteers yet. Some local governments are ready to dispatch relief teams but it takes time to make arrangements.

Please tell any concerned person not to contact associations of damaged area about donations and volunteers directly. JFD is responsible to arrange these activities. Please wait until further notice.

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