Exhibition Area

November 23rd (Sat) 12:00-18:00 UDX4F Gallery Next 2, 3
November 24th (Sun) 10:00-15:00 UDX4F Gallery Next 2, 3

Information & Communication Zone

Exhibit leading-edge technologies, devices and services that give contributions to improvement of lives of deaf people & hard of hearing.

Major exhibitor

  • Telecommunication carriers, electronics manufacturers, and TRS providers
  • Private enterprises on ICT, software, service, welfare device
  • Institute related to accessibility

Broadcasting & Cinema Zone

  • NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories
  • National Federation of Hearing impairments Facilities Conference, Caption provider

Experiment Zone

  • Experience and see why deaf people/hard of hearing need information accessibility.
  • About Japanese Federation of the Deaf, Central Headquarters of the Deaf/hard of hearing Policy reform in Japan

Display & Sale Zone

  • Books, publications related to deaf people/hard of hearing and Sign Language
  • Manga / Comic