Learning Area: Workshops

Time: Dec 12 (Sat) 13:30-17:30
           Dec 13 (Sun) 10:00-16:30
Venue: UDX Gallery, UDX Bldg. 4F

Let's Create - Information Accessibility

WS1 Improving Working Environment
Discuss what we can do to provide substantial support, based on case studies
WS2 Making Art with Your Hands (1)
Explore poetic expression in sign language
WS3 Call Now, Ring Now!
Try making a phone call-relay service
WS4 Making Art with Your Hands (2)
Enjoy sign language with rhythmical tones
WS5 University Classes: Together We Create
Develop university classes with reasonable accommodation

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Learning Area: Conference

Time: Dec 12 (Sat) 10:00-17:00
           Dec 13 (Sun) 10:00-17:00
Venue: Akihabara Convention Hall, 2nd floor, Dai Bldg.

Let's Discuss - Information Accessibility

S1 Challenge to Information Access
Learn about institutional projects attempting to visualize sound and oral information
S2 We DPOs Challenge: toward Information Access
Scrutinize issues on information accessibility
S3 Challenges of Disability Sports
Envision diversity in sports toward TOKYO 2020
S4 Challenges of Entrepreneurs
Picture sound working environment maximizing your skills and potentials
S5 Challenges of Local Governments
Visualize information accessibility implemented by legislations recognizing sign language
S6 A National Challenge
Ruminate disability policy through the issues on information accessibility

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Hands-on Area

Time: Dec 12 (Sat) – Dec 13 (Sun) 2015
Venue: Akiba Square, 2nd floor, UDX Bldg.

Let's Try - Information Accessibility

  • Exhibitions on forefront technology, equipment and service related to information accessibility in Japan- visitors are invited to explore cutting-edge technologies and its development.
  • Educational exhibition and mini stage: What is the “barrier” of hearing disabilities? What is the environment ensuring access of every person like?
  • Hometown pride: regional and local information
  • Bookselling, and more
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Message from Fujisaburo Ishino, President, Japanese Federation of the Deaf:
  Information Accessibility Forum (IAF) 2015 welcomes you in Akihabara, Tokyo, on Saturday, December 12th and Sunday, December 13th. This two-day event was first organized in 2013 in the same venue, with 12,000 visitors.
  This year, we are organizing two main precincts: Hands-on Area and Learning Area. A variety of events and workshops are waiting for you to join in these two areas. We are expecting 20,000 visitors this year.
  The rationale of IAF 2015 is to extend the movements and actions for Sign Language Act and Information and Communication Act of Japan, as well as to raise awareness on information accessibility for this concept is yet to be well recognized among the people in Japan. In April 2016, Act on Elimination of Disability Discrimination will come into effect. This will be a timely and invaluable opportunity to advance the awareness on information accessibility.
  We are looking forward to meeting you in the event.

  "Accessibility" is one of the key terms in Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability. For persons with hearing disabilities, information through vision is particularly vital. At the same time, its substantial impact is yet to be fully recognized, for barriers for deaf and hard of hearing people is not visible. Not only are they benefitted from the enhancement of information access, but those with other disabilities and non-disabled people.
  With an aim to spread the ideas on accessibility and updates on information access for deaf and hard of hearing people, "Information Accessibility Forum" is organized to promote to develop a society ensuring information access.

Duration: From Dec 12th Sat to Dec 13th Sun, 2015
Venue: Akihabara UDX http://udx.jp/
Akihabara Convention Hall http://www.akibahall.jp/
These barriers can be... ...broken down through the accessibility Barriers persons with hearing disability are faced with: Not only three examples as shown in the drawing above, there are many other barriers in a variety of places. The Forum will offer an opportunity to consider the inclusive society for everyone through several kinds of improvement, leading-edge technologies, know-how on accessibility to address such barriers. For readers with print disabilities, this website fully embeds text data.
Organized by: Japanese Federation of the Deaf
Funded by: The Nippon Foundation
In collaboration with: National University Corporation Tsukuba University of Technology
In cooperation with: The National Research Association for Sign Language Interpretation / Japanese Association of Sign Language Interpreters / National Center of Sign Language Education / NPO Japan Organization of CS Broadcasting for People with Disabilities / NPO National Federation of Hearing impairments Facilities Conference / Japan Deaf Student Association / All Japan Association of Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened People / The Japan Deafblind Association / NPO The All Japan Association for the Research of speech-to-brief text Interpretation / PEPnet-Japan (The Postsecondary Education Programs Network of Japan) / Japan Disability Forum / Japanese Federation of Organizations of the Disabled Persons / Japan Federation of the Blind / Japanese Association of/for People with Intellectual Disabilities / Japan Council on Disability / Japan National Council of Social Welfare / Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities / Kodansha Company Ltd.
Specially supported by:
Under auspices of:
Tottori Pref. / Ishikari City / Koriyama City / Kato City / Sasayama City / Matsusaka City / Ureshino City
Sponsored by: Google Inc. / Pioneer Corporation / Sumitomo Corporation / DENTSU Diversity LAB
Supported by: Cabinet Office of Japanese Government / Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications / Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology / Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / Gunma Pref. / Tokyo Metropolitan / Kanagawa Pref. / Tokushima Pref. / Hagi City / Shintoku Town / Shikaoi Town / National Governors’ Association / Japan Association of City Mayors / National Association of Chairpersons of Prefectural Assemblies / The Accessible Design Foundation of Japan / Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation / Japan Business Federation (KEIDANREN) / The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry / National Federation of Small Business Associations / The National Conference of Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs / The ITU Association of Japan/ The Japan Association of National Universities / Communications and Information network Association of Japan / The Telecommunication Technology Committee / Telecommunications Carriers Association / Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) /The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association / National Council for the Promotion of Captioned Broadcasting / Council for Promotion of Subtitled TVCM / The Asahi Shimbun Social Welfare Organization / Yomiuri Light and Humanity Association / Nippon Television Kobato Cultural Foundation / The Association for Technical Aids / Japan Hearing Instruments Manufacturers Association / Japan Hearing Instruments Dispensers Association / International Association for Universal Design / Federation of Japanese Films Industry, Inc. / Japanese Para-Sports Association
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