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By ステファン・トロメル、IDA事務局












WFD Newsletter May 09 - page10 - International and UN News

First meeting of UN's committee on the rights of Persons with disabilities
by Stefan Trommel, IDA Secretariat
The first meeting of the twelve independent experts that constitute the Committee that will monitor the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) was held in Geneva, from February 23 . 27.

After the inauguration event, chaired by the deputy High Commissioner on Human Rights, the Committee members benefited from a training about the functions of some of the mechanisms.

A good precedent was established, when the Committee decided that training sessions and those concerning the drafting of the rules of procedure, should be open to the participation of NGOs.

One of the most interesting events during the week was the meeting held between the Committee and UN's specialized agencies. It was pleasant to learn that besides those agencies that have been working in areas related to persons with disabilities for many years (ILO, WHO, UNICEF and UNESCO), other ones have already begun their work with disability rights: UN's High commissioner on Refugees, the International Parliamentary Union, and the International Migrants Organization. In this sense, the interagency group supporting the CRPD is contributing to the achievement of this goal.

The Committee dedicated one of its sessions to the States, where almost fifteen representatives participated. The representatives, highlighting Mexican Embassador Alfonso de Alba's, made the recommendation to the Committee members that they should seek the highest standards when drafting their rules of procedure, with a special reference on civil society participation and role. Committee members' interventions revealed that some of them still perceive themselves as country representatives and not so much as independent experts.

Another one of the Committee's sessions was a meeting held between the independent experts and NGO and national human rights institutions representatives.

International Disability Alliance (IDA) members made several interventions. They reminded the Committee members of the important role that NGO's and DPO's played throughout the CRPD negotiation process. An important aspect of this session was the participation of human rights NGO's, besides that of DPO's.

The international coordinating commission of national human rights institutions insisted in their fundamental importance when implementing the CRPD at domestic level, in accordance to what's stated in Article 33.

The Committee's week agenda had its most complicated issue during the election of the Chairperson, the Vice-Presidents and the Rapporteur. The usual procedure
is that these positions are designated by consensus and seeking some equilibrium in geographical representation. However, this was not possible and the Chairperson had to be elected through a voting process among three candidates. None of the three achieved the necessary simple majority, and the debate reached a final decision by consensus: the Committee will be Chaired alternatively by Mohammed Al Tarawneh of Jordan, and Ana Pelaez of Spain. The two Latin American representatives, Maria Soledad Cisternas of Chile and Xavier Torres of Ecuador, will alternate in one of the Vice-presidencies.

Among the final decisions reached by the Committee, we highlight:

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